Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Wedding Boutique

One of my favorite websites of all time is http://www.net-a-porter.com/

I recently learned about their Wedding Boutique. It's beautiful! The selections are not as wide as the ones in wedding websites (like brides.com, The Knot, Martha Stewart, etc.) but every item is drool-worthy. Definitely for the stylish, non-traditional bride. Aside from the gorgeousVivienne Westwood dress on the "store window", here are a few more picks I've gathered.

Balmain! I dream of Balmain

Delicious details of the Balmain dress

This is for the "astig" bride. ;)
Dixon silk skirt by Chris Benz

Corsage embellished gown by
Roksanda Ilincic
What I like best about the Wedding Boutique is the fact that the dress on their cover webpage is in the same silhouette and length as my wedding dress. I've been getting criticisms about my dress and seeing the webpage of the Wedding Boutique made me feel a lot better. :)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Nice, Easy, Fuss-Free

While most brides want their weddings to be a show, I want ours to be nice, easy and fuss-free. I totally respect extravagant, full-production weddings. But my exposure to big parties and events (from my job) made me sick and tired of big parties. And in the world of weddings, it all boils down to priorities. And our priorities are to get married and to build our new home at the same time.

I want to wear a short dress. One that will allow me to run around and dance around. I've seen a lot of brides nailed down by their heavy gowns. I can't let that happen. I'm the host of the party (well one of the 2 hosts) and I need to be able to entertain our guests well.

I want my hair and makeup to be simple. I want to look like me, only better.

We're not getting a coordinator. I have more siblings than the fingers on my hands. We're working out everything with them.
No secondary sposors, no flower girls and ring bearers. Just the best man who will carry the ring and the maid of honor and bridesmaids who will be helping us with everything.
When we started planning our wedding, my fiancé and I decided we both want a simple wedding. I said it's like we'll hear mass with all our loved ones, then we'll treat them all to dinner in our favorite restaurant - but we're all dressed to the nines. :)
We're only inviting family and our closest friends.
At the end of the day, it's not about your dream dress or your dream videographer and photographer. It's about 2 people living their dream and sharing it with the most important people in their lives.
All photos from the wedding of Nancy and Adam as featured in The Bride's Cafe, and shot by Bloom Photography.


No I'm not blogging about cakes. Dresses can be decadent too! If you like these details...
...you'll fall in love with this collection...

Log on to http://www.catherinedeane.com/ to learn more about this collection and the designer.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Dream Wedding Reception Venue

If we had all the resources in the world (by resources I mean money, time and energy), I would love to have our wedding reception in my grandparents' house. Instead of bringing in a caterer, I will have my aunts and cousins bring in their respective specialty dishes and desserts. It will be a whole day fiesta - just like how we hold parties in my grandparents' house.

I'm in love with wedding receptions that feel like, or are actually hosted in the home of the bride's family.

Wedding of Ana and Kevin as featured in Style Me Pretty, shot by Docuvitae

Wedding of Ana and Kevin as featured in Style Me Pretty, shot by Docuvitae

Wedding of Angie and Brett as featured in Style Me Pretty, shot by Meg Perotti

The following photos are from the wedding of Kacie and Brandon, as featured in Snippet and Ink, shot by Lisa Dick.

Pardon the cliché but really, there's no place like home.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bright Idea

Snippet and Ink featured this wedding last year that showed how bright ideas can: save you time, money and energy, and how something people would ignore can turn into the center of attention.

April and Mitch's wedding took place in the winery of April's family. Part of the winery was under construction when they were planning the wedding. They made do with what was accomplished when the day of the wedding came. An unfinished wall was converted into a gorgeous backdrop by trimming wooden frames with inexpensive materials like old jars, votives and some greens.

All photos from Snippet and Ink, shot by Mulberry Photography
It's details like these that make your wedding unique and special.

Sealed With A Kiss

I've been knacking my brains trying to find a way how to put the addressees' names on our invitations. And then I saw this invitation/envelope which I've previously blogged about.

Then I had to find a way to do this baroque-way, since our invitations are baroque-inspired. Look what I found in The Fussy Designer (http://thefussydesigner.wordpress.com/2009/03/31/black-damask-envelope-wraps/)

A template for black damask envelope wraps. Woohoo! Thank you Fussy Designer!

Thursday, April 2, 2009


THIS dress is for the whimsical bride. And you have to be shot this way too. Teehee!

Dress by threeASFOUR.


Origami is one of the biggest trends for Spring-Summer 2009. I had to do a little research for my Creative Director on origami yesterday. Look what I stumbled upon.

I had the privilege of meeting Inno Sotto through work. During one meeting, we talked about how brides are so tied down on the off-shoulder silhouette. I totally agree with him. Here's something that can make your dress more exciting.

Dresses by SteveJ & YoniP. Photos from forwardforward.com.

For The Beach Bride

I find it interesting to be a beach bride but I'm really not a beach bride. So I'll just help you beach brides find ideas once in a while. Here's one. I don't know what this detail is exactly but it's gorgeous! It's light and easy enough to be worn at the beach but stunning enough to make a statement. Love it!

This top is by SteveJ & YoniP. Photos from forwardforward.com