Friday, March 13, 2009

How Far Can Your Color Motif Go?

Our initial peg for our color motif was the interiors of Stella Luna in Rockwell. We fell in love with the deep hue of plum combined with silver. But like any bride (or should I say woman?), my mind kept on changing. I couldn't pinpoint the exact shade of plum/aubergine that I wanted. I also realized plum would look well with gold too. I also didn't want my entourage to look like the cast of Barney. I wanted to stay away from the tradition of having your entourage look like they're wearing a uniform. Every person in your entourage has a distinct personality. You should let her wear something she'd feel good with.

Then one magical day (yeah that's really how it seemed to me: magical!), I saw these color palettes in Perfect Bound ( So I emailed my designer:

Is it possible to have a color scheme this wide and this rich?! Sigh… Ignore me. I’m just dreaming. ;)

He didn't ignore me! Watch for my post on the dresses of my entourage. ;)