Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Somebody had fun making petticoats. They're a lovely and fun detail you can have in your wedding dress. Warning: if you're a little heavy on the bottom, go easy on the petticoat. ;)

Photo by Tara Whittaker as featured in http://www.thebridescafe.com/


I fell in love with calligraphy in college. I must've taken up at least 12 units of it in art school. I handwrote my invitations for my 18th birthday. I had black ink on my fingers all the time - just like Wynona Ryder in Little Women. Now I'm excited to do the calligraphy of our wedding invites. I found this in Hello Handmade and iloveit!!!

Grow Old With You

It's time to go mushy.

My grandparents are my couple-role-model. They've been married for almost 59 years and they are a picture of a simple, happy couple. My Lolo (Filipino for grandfather) once said, every night when he prays, he prays for my grandmother first, before everybody else. They're the best and I love them dearly.

This wedding invitation by SeeSaw Designs (http://seesawdesigns.blogspot.com/) reminds me of my grandparents.

This is indeed the cutest, most heart-warming wedding invitation I've ever seen. ;)

Graphics For Your Wedding Invitations

Here's a refreshing take on wedding invitations. If you're intending a less formal wedding, this would be a perfect invitation. It can instantly give your guests an idea that you'll have a nice, fun and sweat-free wedding.

I found this invite in Erin Jang's site of design and illustration. Erin Jang is a NY-based graphic artist.

Can Your Bridesmaids Re-use Their Dresses?

I want my bridesmaids to be happy and comfortable with their dresses. And being a practical bride, I want them to be able to wear their dresses even after my wedding. I'll post photos of their dresses in the future but for now, here's an example of bridesmaids' dresses you can recycle.

This photo is from the wedding of Annemie and Mitch as featured in http://www.oncewed.com/. This photo has a cute history. :)

"The bridal party prepared for the big day at the Beauclair Guest House in Stellenbosch. One of the funniest moments getting ready was when the photographer asked the three bridesmaids to pose for a picture perching on the edge of the ball-and-claw bathtub - just as the girls got comfortable, the bath started tipping over, causing shouts of panic and lots of giggles! "