Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What Makes A Wedding Intimate

One of the discussion threads we had in W@W asked us to define an intimate wedding. For an average Filipino family, having 200 guests IS intimate!

What makes a wedding intimate? Here's my take:

1. Primarily and technically, it's about the number of guests. A wedding with
50 guests (or even less!) is what you can call intimate. In our culture where we have huge
families, you can consider 100 guests intimate (read: impossible!).

2. The look and feel of the wedding. Having your wedding ceremony and
reception in a place where you commonly have family gatherings will give your
affair an intimate feel. This place can be your family's ancestral home or a
hotel or restaurant where your family would usually go for birthdays and

3. Lastly, for me, the intimacy of the wedding greatly depends on how closely
the couple can interact with their guests during the party.

For our wedding, we are skipping all pictorials. The more time you allocate
for pictorials, the less chance you get to entertain your guests. My brief for
my photographer: capture images of emotions and connections and people. I
don’t want you art directing us the whole time. Just let things happen
naturally and let us enjoy our wedding and our guests.

We are also avoiding the big trend of having a grand entrance at the
reception and proceeding to the first dance. Instead, my fiancé and I, together with
our parents, will be at the entrance of the dinner hall to personally receive the

We won't have our own table at the reception - the one that separates the
couple from all the guests. I'm referring to the elevated table for the couple
that caterers/restaurants/hotels usually set-up. Para kayong nasa altar! Di ko talaga yun feel. My fiancé' and I want to sit with our family and friends.

What do you think?

Michelle and Oshine as featured in snippet and ink, Aregrayline Photography

Just the 2 of us: Their only guests were the photographers. Donna and Kevin as featured in snippet and ink

Amanda and Matt as featured in snippet and ink. Photo by Jessica Johnston

Hair and Makeup for the Recessionista Bride

It's wonderful to find suppliers who genuinely understand brides. My makeup artist is one of those suppliers. What do I love about her - I'm at my most beautiful in her makeup. I look like myself, only better. She doesn't change me into her own definition of beautiful. And the best part, I can dance around, drink up and stay up late and my makeup still looks fresh and fabulous. I don't retouch when I'm wearing her makeup.

My job allows me to be made up by the different makeup artists. From all the looks I've had, my fiance picked the makeup/look he likes best. That's how I decided on who to get for my wedding makeup. :) Pretty cool.

Now I have great news for recessionista brides. The Makeup Den offers makeup for bride plus 2 for only P9,000! Check out other offerings below. Click on the link to learn more about The Makeup Den.

The Makeup Den uses products from MAC, Shu Uemura, Chanel, Krayolan, Dior, Makeup Forever, Lancome and Prestige for eyeliners.