Thursday, February 5, 2009

I Told My Fiancé Not To Give Me An Engagement Ring

In May 14, 2007, my boyfriend and I celebrated our 8th anniversary. We have been talking about getting married for quite some time [then] and on that evening we made the decision to get married. He started talking about setting the date, how much money he had and where we would be settling down.

And just like that, I told myself, this is it! We’re seriously deciding to tie the knot, to settle down. There was no ring, no kneeling down on one knee to propose, no drama. Just like what Carrie Bradshaw said, it was just 2 adults deciding to spend the rest of their lives together.

I’ve always told him he need not get me a ring when he proposes—we’ve been together forever and I was sure he’d propose at one point. Up to that night of our 8th anniversary and after that, I’d still tell him the same thing. I’m not a big fan of bling, I didn’t need a ring to be assured of his commitment and most importantly, I didn’t want to worry and bother him with such a big expense! He offered to shoulder all the expenses—the wedding and the renovation of the house [owned by his family] that we were moving in to.

We’ve informed family and friends, we’ve booked the church and reception venue—a year and seven months have passed. Some people were looking for THE ring. I explained to them what I told my fiancé. My guy friends LOVED me! They said every girl should be like me. Hahaha! I got mixed reactions from girls. Some said, “he HAS to get you a ring.” While some [the ones closest to me] totally admired what I did and told me I’m marrying such a wonderful person, who needs a ring.

On January 1, 2009, 4 months before our wedding, I turned 30. He took me to Lolo Dad’s for a nice dinner—may I say it wasn’t just nice, it was divine! While waiting for the appetizer,

Dondon: Let’s go out and hang out in the patio while waiting for appetizer.
Ichi: I want to stay here [inside]. (I was pretty sure he wanted to smoke) You can smoke when we have dessert. Let’s just stay here for now.

Appetizers were served, then the main course. It was time for dessert.

Dondon: Can we go to the patio now? Let’s finish our wine there and come back in for dessert and coffee.
Ichi: Cool! Let’s go!

As soon as we sat down [at the patio], he handed me out a giftbag and greeted me a happy birthday. I opened the gift and inside was a box of Samsung mobile phone. The phone was exactly like his.

Dondon: I know your phone’s busted so I decided to get you a new phone. And it’s exactly like mine!
Ichi: Wow! Thank you! (Thought balloon: A phone? For my 30th birthday? He already gave me a phone before. What’s so special about this?!)

I opened the box with little enthusiasm but lo and behold, there was no phone inside the Samsung box. There was a tiny red box! I shrieked at the sight of the box! I opened it with all excitement, and there it was, the most beautiful diamond ring in the world!

Again, just like on the night of our 8th anniversary, there was no cheesy proposal or kneeling down. He just reaffirmed his commitment of loving and taking care of me for the rest of my life.