Wednesday, March 25, 2009

--News Flash--

Ok, I should be working at this point but I just need to share this. Reading lifestyle blogs is part of my job so I read chuvaness everyday. She has an entry about the 33rd HongKong International Film Festival and she posted this photo. Jackie Chan is the only person I recognize in this photo but it's the dress of this lady (must be an actress) that caught my eye. Isn't her dress beautiful?!

Hope we can find out more about this dress and the designer. Not that I can pull off this dress. Haha!


My three younger sisters will be my bridesmaids and this is how I envision them. Froufrou skirts, froufrou hairbands, dreamy eyeshadows.

If these dresses made you drool, log on to

Miss Chelsea

I've been fancying wearing a short veil to the wedding ceremony and a vintage hairpiece for the reception.

I research online for references on hairpieces. I'll make a set for myself, my maid of honor and my bridesmaids. Lately I've been zeroing in on this collection by ohmydeerhandmades.

Miss Doris

Miss Erma

Miss Florence

Miss Gwen

Miss June
Miss Lola
Miss Lula Rose

Miss Margo

Miss Marilyn

Miss Nanette

Miss Nina Lee

Miss Rosalie

Miss Viola

Miss Wanda

Miss Yvette
I started this blog because as a bride-to-be, I learn the most from blogging brides. is one of those brides who inspire me. I hope I'm able to give back to my sources of inspiration by sounding off inspiration to other brides as well.