Saturday, March 21, 2009

Looking Through The Eyes Of Brides

Is it just me or do all brides see every beautiful dress as a potential wedding dress? And it doesn't end there-the rest of the pieces from that collection can be part of the entourage. You can't just get enough!

This is one of my Brides

And this is the Maid of Honor

And the Bridesmaid

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Teehee! This is fun!

Do I Have To Wear Satin Shoes To My Wedding?

Maybe not. Your shoes can greatly tell what kind of bride you are. What kind of bride are you?

You can DIY the bows and put them on plain peep-toes. Shoes by J. Crew, image from

Printed matter. Shoes by J. Crew, image from

I heart you! Shoes by Alexander McQueen, photo from

For the beach bride. Thongs by Stella McCartney, image from

Froufrou! Aren't these Louboutins lovely?! Image from

Style = comfort. Stella Luna flats

Deadly deadly weapons! Stella Luna

I'm in love! Shoes by Omelle

The Effortlessly Beautiful Bride

A woman looks more beautiful when she's comfortable in what she's wearing. What's even bettter is when she looks like she didn't put so much effort on how she looks.

That's how I want to be on my wedding day. I don't want to look like I was totally transformed into another person. No curly hair, no heavy makeup, no 50-lbs. dress that will hold every move I make. Just nice, easy and fabulous!

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