Monday, March 2, 2009

Low-Budget Flowers

I’ve always read in wedding magazines and websites/blogs that engaged couples should set their priorities for the wedding. Our top 3 priorities do not include flowers. We’ve decided to keep flowers simple and reasonable. We’ll only need flowers for the church/ceremony. For the reception, we picked a venue that wouldn’t require production design/event styling (this would be another blog entry).

I discovered from different wedding sites that baby’s breath is the best option for simple and reasonably-priced floral arrangements. Ok, they’re not just reasonably-priced, they’re cheap! A bundle of these costs P60 in Dangwa. Imagine how low you can go if you buy in bulk!

from The Bride's Cafe, photographed by Leigh Miller

But for my bouquet, I’ll have hydrangeas decked in feathers! I got the feather inspiration from Martha Stewart Weddings. As for the hydrangeas, I’ve always been a fan of hydrangeas and they’ve always reminded me of Tagaytay. I was delighted when my [wedding dress] designer recommended that hydrangeas would go very well with my dress. The paper-cut-out texture will compliment the texture of my skirt (again, this will be another blog entry).

Photo from Martha Stewart Weddings



Apol said...

i am more than glad that i am following ur blog, really! i am one of those recessionista/frugal brides and this baby's breath for decors in the church is an absolutely wonderful idea! mukhang makakatipid talaga ko ng bonggang bongga sa flowers ah! thanks, dear!

Anonymous said...

you know what, you're really a great help. thanks for sharing all your wonderful ideas, esp those about baby's breath and the collection of cakes for dessert.. im glad you're filling up my underdeveloped creative-side of brain. God bless!

iyos said...

hi ichi! you were my batchmate in STC...i came across your site...galing ng idea mo about the baby's breath...we're going to have a spring wedding theme...e mahal ang cherry's breath is a perfect alternative for a spring wedding effect...thanks so much!