Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Do You Really Have to Spend on Event Styling for Your Wedding?

The answer is NO! I think the most practical move we made for our wedding is to pick a reception venue that, aside from offering a very friendly package, is so beautiful you won’t need an event stylist/production designer. (With all due respect to event stylists/production designers. I'm an artist myself, and a marketing professional. But for now, I'm speaking from the perspective of a bride on a budget. Peace!)

From the moment I heard about Sonya’s Garden in early 2000, I’ve grown curious and interested about it. The moment I set foot on it, I fell in love with it. Since then, I’ve gone there a number of times with my fiancĂ© and my family. What made it even more beautiful for me is that all my memories of the place are memories of the most important people in my life.


maan said...

hi sis. I agree event styling is more of a want than a need. I am actually resisting the urge of getting one, thanks to this post medyo nacoconvince na ko na wag na nga. =)thanks! =)

Apol said...

i didnt get one too. kasi un venue namen, parang ALL-IN na sya, venue, catering, cake, sound system, decorations, and my AE there is also willing to do like an OTD for us! good choice you got there for your venue sis ;)